Wednesday, March 19, 2008

March 19 2008:

First day with 4 people on the streets, tremendous response from everybody out there ! Thanks for making this project a wonderful one to work on.

Confirmed that Marymount Academie will Participate

Meeting with Sid Stevens at Sun Youth (finally get to meet the big man himself). Meeting went fantastic; I’m fairly confident this program will receive at very least some coverage from the more significant channels in the media.

Started looking for someone to help with Coordinating of Media and press releases.

>>>Please let us know if you are or know someone qualified and interested and available on short notice.

March 18 2008:

Met with Arthur, Ned and Fiona. Tomorrow, including my sister Charlotte, that’ll be 4 people canvassing the city for drop off locations.

Training exercise:

My name is drop off locations, my height is drop off locations,

my birthweight and shoe-size and age are drop off locations.

March 17 2008:

Fiona O’Conner joined Team “Recycle your Cell phone for Sun Youth” Welcome Fiona!

Approached BMO (Bank of Montreal) on Laurier and St Laurent for Sponsorship and cell phone collection.

March 15 2008:

Made a post here on facebook asking for help with some translation and the response was fantastic so thanks for that everyone !

The logo for this group should be changing soon to the new poster, please let me know what you think.

Compiled a list of all the agreed sponsors and drop off locations. Those will be posted very soon. .

Sponsorship has reached $3.25 per phone we collect, which means our sponsors will donate $6500.00 to Sun Youth if we collect over 2000 phones.

Selwyn House School has confirmed participation with their Middle and Senior schools.

March 14 2008:

SDBSL (Societe de Development Boulevard Saint Laurent) released newletter with blurb on “Recycle your Cell Phone for Sun Youth”.

March 13 2008:

Edward Maloney is added to the team. Welcome the ‘Ned Terminator’ !

March 12 2008:

First 100 posters were printed. Thanks to Allo Copie ! 514-523-2488

March 9 2008:

Spoke with several people at the Stcum regarding drop off locations set up in Metros. Envisioning: Atwater, Guy, Mcgill, Square Victoria.

Started posting adds on Craigslist and Kijiji.

March 6 2008:

Visited Zellers; winners; Canadian Tire looking at different items that could be adapted as drop boxes.

Met with web designer for new concepts for the cell phone campaign.

Update Feb 28 2008:

Pledges are going well, we've reached $2.22 where if we collect more than 2000 phones $4440 will go to Sun Youth.

Met with Scotiabank theatres on St Catherine (formerly paramount) for use as a drop off location.

Met with Societe Development Boulevard St Laurent for help with the media. They were very enthusiastic as it fits with several projects they're doing to promote 'green' practices to their member businesses. Also posting a blurb in their bi-monthly newsletter.

Introduction >> Feb 25 2008

In 2003 I founded 1optimum a company specializing in the remarketing of used computer equipment. Up until the beginning of 2008 I had a warehouse in Toronto where I outsourced my storage and labor needs.

A niche was established as one of the strongest buyers for used Lexmark printers in North America. Although a great majority of our activities thus far have been centered on printers there are many other exciting areas of electronics recycling we’re developing. My largest customer for Lexmark printers shut down the contract that in 2007 was making us the most money so I decided to re-evaluate our direction.

My goals for 1optimum in 2008 involve developing a relevant presence and community image in Montreal; shutting down my toronto warehouse in favour of one here in Montreal (already done) and developing new streams of recyclables. This cell-phone drive is my first effort in that direction. It allies me with Sun Youth and the Saint Lawrence Blvd Association and establishes the concept of ‘Recycling-Drives’ which I hope will continue to be a fun and efficient way to find new recyclable products.

Thanks for reading,

Matthew Joseph Isganaitis

Chief Executive Officer -

It's Official !
1optimum has launched “Recycle Your Cell-Phone for Sun Youth”. Cell phone collection officially starts on the 1st of April 2008 and finishes the 1st of May 2008. All cell phones collected will be either recycled for the materials or refurbished when possible.

Participating sponsors have pledged to give XX per phone where $0.25 is equal to $500.00 based on our goal of 2000 phones. Pledges are capped at 2000 phones so a pledge of $0.25 is always no more than $500.00.

Our pledges have reached $1.595 as of today which means $3190.00 goes to Sun Youth provided we collect over 2000 phones.