Monday, April 7, 2008

March 29 2008

Yes this is a Saturday but a project like this one doesn't sleep just because it's a weekend.

Final decision was made on the boxes being used, they were finally bought at Home Depot. This is not a plug however for Home Depot, their service was so bad that I'd have gone anywhere else to buy the boxes had their been a better option.

Stickers are printed today for the boxes. They are not as nice as could be and they don't react well to rain as we would later find out. The stickers though, on the complete product look good and the boxes are piled higher than a man.

Boxes are bought and brought to a temporary office where for the next 24hrs me and 2 friends will be sawing, drilling, peeling off stickers of manufacture (they didn't sponsor us and therefore don't deserve the notoriety) and vacuuming up the resulting mess .